The Tiberian Growdome Review | Attention Americans Concerned About Surviving a Food Crisis

The Tiberian Growdome Review | Attention Americans Concerned About Surviving a Food Crisis

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They are doing all this through GMOs. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms, also known as ‘frankenfood.’ It’s food grown from seeds that were created in a lab. GMOs companies are ‘playing God’ by taking genes from lab-created foods and inserting them into health foods. They can often completely alter a plant’s makeup with the injection of a couple of genes. The outcome is often mutated food that hardly looks like God’s development.

You may currently understand that. But what you most likely have no idea is WHY GMO’s exist. Monsanto, is responsible for the genetic modification of our food supply. GMO’s were legislated in 1994 and have visited a rapid boost in use ever since. Monsanto also makes Roundup, the most common pesticide in the world. Roundup was created to exterminate toxic weeds and has been utilized on nearly all food-bearing plants for the last 30 years.

Let me repeat that. Monsanto engineers its seeds so that it can tolerate incredibly high levels of its own pesticide. It’s pretty innovative if you think of it, and downright evil. They craft their seeds so that should sell more of their own chemicals. It’s win-win for the infamous food giant, however lethal for individuals consuming its food. Glyphosate usage is now 200x more common that it was in the 1990’s. And get this … weeds are slowly ending up being a growing number of resistant to Round-Up weed killer. There are now exactly what some people are calling “superweeds” that should not be eliminated by any authorized herbicide.

So what’s happening is farmers are discarding containers of Round-Up on their crops simply aiming to kill these superweeds. And Monsanto is all too delighted to keep offering farmers their genetically modified seeds AND thousands of gallons of Round-Up. You’re not alone. Millions of Americans are feeling the very same. The extreme rise in pesticide, herbicide, and GMO usage has actually taken place at the exact same time we have actually taken a look at an extreme increase in heart disease, hypertension, food allergies, and persistent tiredness.

And Monsanto hasn’t stopped there. No, they have an army of attorneys attacking anybody who dares to challenge their almighty cash machine. They’ve just recently sued Vermont and other states to stop mandatory labeling of GMO foods. These states are not attempting to prohibit GMO foods, mind you, they are merely attempting to let the customer know that their food includes GMOs!

And they’ve hired supposedly ‘organic grocery chains’ like Whole Foods to help them sue states. The very companies that declare to be about ‘healthy consuming’ are trying to ensure that you’ll NEVER know what is really in your food. They’ve even taken legal action against farmers who WERE N’T using their GMO seeds, due to the fact that Monsanto’s seeds had actually settled on their home after being carried there by the wind. Making matters worse, corrupt members of Congress (funded by Monsanto) are aiming to pass the DARK Act, which would prohibit the labeling of GMO foods.

Monsanto has always said that GMO’s are ‘safe’. If they are safe, why in the world would they spend countless dollars sponsoring legislation that would outlaw labeling GMO foods ?! Would not you WANT individuals to know that they are taking your supposedly ‘safe’ food? Even if you think that GMOs ARE safe, do not you wish to know what is in your food? Isn’t really that a fundamental American right? Even the corrupt and archaic Russian federal government has actually categorized GMOs as a secret ‘biowarfare weapon’.

The Roman Emperor Tiberius was an extremely personal and cautious guy. Scared that he would be poisoned, he commissioned his staff to stop generating outdoors food and begin producing everything within the walls of his palace (noise familiar?).

Tiberius and his personnel experimented for many years with different gardening strategies, however were frustrated by the absence of production they took a look at and the constant plagues of pests that were destroying his food supply.

Ultimately, they struck on an easy, and unbelievably efficient solution: the growdome. Even in 14AD they had versions of glass, however it was tough to make and incredibly fragile. They could not develop huge sections of glass quickly.

Plus the ever-cautious emperor wished to have the ability to move his food supply in case of civil discontent. And huge greenhouses were complicated to build and vulnerable to damage by storms.

This thing is so basic that it seems a little ridiculous to inform you the truth, but I chose I ‘d aim to construct one myself with Ruth’s assistance. Thankfully the products we have these days make this an extremely easy procedure.

Ruth revealed precisely how she grows twice the amount of tasty fruits, veggies, and herbs than anyone in her gardening club with this little device.

Instead of glass I utilized plastic sheeting. Instead of metal, I made use of PVC. And I simply utilized good old potting soil. I planted tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, herbs and much, far more. And then, I waited.

What happened next made my jaw drop. My crop production doubled. I was able to do two plantings a year instead of one, even in my cold climate! The growdome showed impervious to bugs. Not just was I producing more delicious food, however it was simpler than ever because I wasn’t investing my time doing away with crop-ruining pests and weeds.

Ruth and I were dancing for joy the day I got to collect this amazing bounty. Which was simply the start of my gardening success. And I might move the growdomes on and off the crops easily as needed. And I might make the growdomes any size I needed for any crop I in needed. The domes were entirely modular and movable.

And the food they produced was fairly merely the very best I had actually ever tasted. It reminded me of the mouth-watering vegetables that my granny had grown in her own garden all those years ago.





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